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If you long for the thrill of being exposed as an object of desire and adoration, you'd make the perfect candidate as a Milky: Free-Use Freelancer!!

Milky episodes:

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Series Tags
humiliation , blushing , public play , exposure , groupplay
embarrassment , objectification , service play , wardrobe malfunction
public use , sex work , magic hands , public nudity , assisted exposure

1. Distraction Reaction
tags: slime , tentacles

2. Paid in Exposure
tags: marketing , public use , tickling

3. All on Red (My First Melt-Down)
tags: clothing destruction , streaking

4. Wardrobe Functions:
Blush, Sweat, & Tiers

tags: pet play , public use , stage play

5. Party Favor: Bottom to the Top!
tags: overstimulation , sex party , limbless

Milky: Free-Use Freelancer Animations

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Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3: